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A publication might be on topic. But is it on point? Ferret integrates with many popular scientific databases and services, so you can easily judge the scientific impact of any publication. If an article scores low, perhaps you shouldn't read it all the way through. If it has no mentions or peer reviews at all, it may not even be worth your time.

All the services you love

Pubpeer, Publons, Altmetric, Figshare, ResearchGate, Mendeley … A bevy of reliable services for you to decide what to read. Also, we automatically link any article to your favorite structured data sources, including ChEMBL, KEGG, UniProt and OMIM. All information is bundled in one place, keeping those browser tabs in check. 

For now, we're aiming mostly at life sciences services and data sources. But stay tuned as we include integrations for other fields of research as well. If your favourite service/data source is not listed, let us know. We’re open to suggestions!

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FERRET.AI is a Chrome extension. It empowers your research by summarizing/enriching articles and providing full-text search on your reading history.