Why was Ferret created and why are we sharing it?

Ferret began life as a in house research project at Stratified Medical. Though Ferret has been superceded by other projects internally, we thought it would be useful to the larger research community. So we’ve shared it. Enjoy!

What information does Ferret collect?

All data is and users are anonymous - there is no sign-up or log-in process.

We collect information based on the actions you take while using Ferret so we can make Ferret work better for you and the wider Ferret community – which includes ourselves!

We collect and aggregate information across all Ferret users to make the Ferret service faster, smarter and more useful to you such as providing more relevant research results.

Does Ferret sell my information?

Absolutely not! We do not sell information to anyone in any way. We use certain information to enable our service to work better for everyone. We do not share information with advertisers, companies or organisations.

Get FERRET.AI Power now!

FERRET.AI is a Chrome extension. It empowers your research by summarizing/enriching articles and providing full-text search on your reading history.