Blog launched!

After 6 months of intensive brainstorming, developing and testing, we are proud to officially launch!

The web has become the de facto library of the modern Life Science researcher: scientists are able to access millions of articles, hundreds of crowdsourced databases and dozens of emerging scholarly services that publish alternative article metrics, public peer reviews and raw data. Yet, how to connect this diverse set of data with a single click? Meet! acts as your private assistant, automatically linking articles to third-party data sources and services. With 25+ data integrations, connects the scientific knowledge embedded in articles to a wide range of data sources including ChEBML, KEGG, UniProt, Altmetrics, FigShare and PubPeer. The best thing about No need to change your current research workflow: just keep searching and browsing the web as you did before! The browser extension automatically pops up whenever it  has relevant information to share.

Linking data is just the start. Can’t remember when or where you’ve read that one article linking the p51-protein to lung cancer? has you covered. Our Time Machine allows you to find back that one paper in no time. We even show the articles you’ve read just before and after, allowing you to retrace your steps and thoughts.

Why not give a spin? No need to sign-up. Research superpowers are just one click away!

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FERRET.AI is a Chrome extension. It empowers your research by summarizing/enriching articles and providing full-text search on your reading history.