Ferret is made by a young team of people just like you, confronted daily with the inconveniences of research: too much information, too little time, clumsy databases and unhandy tools that only add to the clutter.

That's why we set out to make an intuitive tool that fits in seamlessly with your everyday workflow. We hope we've succeeded. (Please do let us know if we haven’t or have.) 

Although all five of us have Life Sciences/IT backgrounds, we tried to make a tool that's universally practical for all types of researchers.

The Ferret team is part of Stratified Medical and based in the UK and Belgium.


Our team

  • Davy


    Power Bestowal & Severe Stress Immunity - Project lead
  • Quentin


    Data Mind Control - Back-end developer
  • Stijn


    SuperColor SuperShape Graphic Generation - Front-end developer
  • Kenny


    Prime Program Manipulation - Back-end developer
  • Poul


    Superior Frontal Association - Front-End developer
  • Brent


    Precognition - Founder

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